Simple and diversified investment for everyone.

Invest in Commodities, fixed income and Real estate with as low as N5,000. Astravest gives you access to stable investment options plus information you need to trade. Our asset classes have returned average of 21% in the last one year

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    A typical user can invest in Commodities during harvest season, sell when price is high, move the funds to fixed income or real estate during off season. This way the funds keep growing all year round. sell the With low entry requirements, low transaction costs, conveniences and expert suggestions, you can do it yourself and have fun as well.

    Assets you can invest in


    Trade on stables commodities like cocoa, soybeans, cashew, Ginger and lots more.
    Commodities offer seasonal income, lower volatility but requires good knowledge of the industry to trade. All commodities traded on Astravest are backed by physical commodities stored in secured warehouses.

    Fixed Income.

    Invest in secure and stable income like treasury bills, ethical funds and earn fixed income.
    Money market offers stable income, low risk but lower returns. Its a place to store idle funds.

    How it works

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    Signup with your email. Provide basic information and create a free account. Verify your account in few easy steps. Its easy


    Fund wallet

    Add funds to your wallet with bank transfers or cards


    Diversify investment

    Spread your money among varoius asset classes and watch it grow. You can move, sell or withdraw anytime.


    Invest on the go

    Get started with little funds and use our top-rated mobile app to invest on the go.

    Astravest for Business

    Astravest for business enables other businesses and asset managers to offer investment services leveraging our API or widget. Its a plug and play service that can easily be implemented on an existing technology or service.

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    We take your security and privacy seriously

    • Regulations

      Astravest is regulated by the Securities and exchange commission in Nigeria, Afex commodities exchange and FINRA in the US.

    • Your money is safe with us

      Your investments are secured by multifactor authentication, encrypted private and sensitive information.

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    Astravest is a property of Adastra Tech Limited, a company duly in Nigerian and the US. Astravest does not provide investment advice and individual investors should make their own decisions or seek independent advice as Astravest is a technology platform.
    To ensure regulatory compliance, proper market behavior, and security of investors, all local brokerage investments are facilitated by Prominent Securities Limited, a licensed Nigerian stockbroking firm registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission Nigeria (SEC). Customers registered with Astravest will perform Verification before being able to participate in the securities markets or make investments.
    All Commodities trading services provided to Astravest users are facilitated by AFEX Commodities Exchange a member of Securities and Exchange Commission in Nigeria. Commodities are stored in verifiable physical warehouses in different parts of Nigeria.
    Astravest or Prominent Securities does not make any personal recommendations to buy, sell or otherwise deal in investments. Investors make their own investment decisions. The services and securities provided by Astravest or Prominent Securities may not be suitable for all customers and, if you have any doubts, you should seek advice from an independent financial adviser.

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