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Astravest ambassador program is a national experiential learning program that empowers individuals with the tools needed to learn and cultivate personal financial management skills very early in life.

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Develop job-applicable competencies

Elevate your professional skills by actively participating in task-driven networking and collaborating with fellow talents from over 80 esteemed educational institutions across Nigeria, all in the pursuit of honing your technical expertise.



Permates Astravest into the lifestyle of youth on and off Campus and constantly seek to identify new and innovative ways to maximize Astravest reach across universities in Nigeria and beyond.

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Shape Africa's Financial Landsape


Helping people understand the importance of financial management and how to build wealth.


Investing is accessible to people with various income levels and every African can build wealth.


Integrating Technology and Wealth in the 21st Century.

What you stand to Benefit.

Internship Opportunities

An opportunity to secure an Internship with us.

Cash Rewards

Enjoy financial incentives for being part of the program.

Networking Opportunities

Get real time networking experience to build yourself in the real world.

Skill Development

Develop relevant on- the jobs skills to boast employability.

Leadership Development

Develop leadership skills by fostering healthy collaboration with teams.


Get recognized as an Astravest ambassdor nationally.

All you need to become an Ambassador.

To qualify as an Astravest ambassador, you should:

Demonstrate a strong enthusiasm for financial education.

Display a keen interest in acquiring effective communication skills

Show a genuine excitement for teamwork and collaborative efforts.

Exhibit a passion for fostering innovation and showcasing creativity.

Embrace a commitment to active learning and personal growth.

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